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Submitted on 8 Jun 2018

Enjoy your risk-free Fun Day!

So you’re planning a works Family Day and hoping that the sun will shine. But, while you can’t control the weather, you can ensure planned activities are safe - and that people will be able to enjoy a risk-free day! ... read more »


Submitted on 18 Apr 2018

How the Feel-good Factor can make for Better Business

We all know that a happy and healthy workforce means better business. But, as an Employer, how can you encourage and support the wellbeing of your staff? ... read more »


Submitted on 21 Mar 2018

Focus on Fire

Fire can be a major cause of loss to an organisation and could be its biggest risk. And in this unseasonal bout of cold weather, risks from fire can be even greater. ... read more »


Submitted on 22 Feb 2018

Top prosecutions in 2017 - the cost of getting it wrong!

It is now 2 years since the introduction of the new sentencing guidelines and the tougher penalties for health and safety and corporate manslaughter offences. Since its arrival the number and size of fines has gone through the roof! ... read more »


Submitted on 16 Jan 2018

From Revolution to Evolution – a century of changing attitudes to H&S

From the Red Revolution to current day – how have our attitudes to Health and Safety changed? And what impact will the H&S issues of tomorrow’s working world have on your business? ... read more »


Submitted on 12 Dec 2017

Successfully surviving the festive season!

Now’s the time for seasonal festivities to begin in earnest. So here are a few things to consider to ensure your festivities go with a swing – and not a bang!!! ... read more »


Submitted on 23 Nov 2017

Could your drivers be at risk?

With erratic weather conditions and low light levels, this time of year can be particularly hazardous to drivers. So is it time to review your policies and procedures for staff who drive for your business? ... read more »


Submitted on 24 Oct 2017

Safeguarding against the Hazards of Fire!

Our brief guide to the basics of fire safety - to help you understand your responsibilities, set up the right procedures, and ensure your business has adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in place. ... read more »


Submitted on 27 Sep 2017

Training – getting the best from your people

Suitable and timely training will enable staff to not only be more effective in their job role; they will get greater satisfaction from doing it. So training not only helps build your skills base – it helps staff retention as well. ... read more »


Submitted on 18 Aug 2017

Working safely - going back to basics

When half of workers don’t know basic HS rules or take them seriously - what can you do as their employer to ensure they don’t put themselves in danger? Perhaps it’s a matter of going back to basics? ... read more »