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Submitted on 2 Feb 2018

Dealing with redundancy – when a business goes bust!

The number of businesses impacted by Carillion’s seismic downfall is now thought to be legion, affecting businesses both large and small……and not just those in the construction sector. ... read more »


Submitted on 7 Nov 2017

GDPR – the countdown begins!

With only 6 months to go until the GDPR comes into force - what are the implications for your business? And what do you need to do to prepare for it? ... read more »


Submitted on 9 Oct 2017

Performance Management - getting the best from your staff

Understanding the root cause of a performance problem, and knowing how to effectively deal with it, will enable you to create a positive working environment where people feel supported and valued – and able to perform at their best! ... read more »


Submitted on 14 Sep 2017

What to do when staff go missing!

Staff take time off work for all sorts of reasons – they or a family member get sick, emergencies arise, or they just need days off to deal with stuff. But what should you do if an employee fails to return to work and then is impossible to contact? ... read more »


Submitted on 11 Jul 2017

Holiday Entitlement – Busting the Myths!

How much do you know about employee holiday entitlement? With the holiday season about to take off now’s the time to check that your interpretation of holiday pay and entitlement is correct and not one of the common myths. ... read more »


Submitted on 9 May 2017

The Downfalls of the Dirty Office!

When it comes to the recruitment and retention of staff would you, as an employer, ever consider that the state of your workplace could be a deal-breaker! ... read more »


Submitted on 23 Mar 2017

Employing Foreign Nationals – do you understand the rules?

A report into practices, perceptions and experiences in relation to recruitment, has revealed there is confusion and misunderstanding of the law, when it comes to advertising jobs. ... read more »


Submitted on 23 Feb 2017

Compulsory high heels kick up a storm!

When Nicola Thorpe revolted against her employer’s demands to wear high heels at work - things certainly kicked off! ... read more »


Submitted on 22 Nov 2016

Self-Employed.......... or an Employee?

A ground breaking decision at a London tribunal involving the online app, Uber, has cast doubt about other organisations using self-employed operators – are they self-employed or actually employees? ... read more »


Submitted on 21 Oct 2016

Latest on: Commission/Holiday Pay & Pension Auto-enrolment

Following British Gas’s unsuccessful appeal Employers need to include commission in holiday pay. Plus - has the staging date for your Pension Auto-enrolment arrived yet? ... read more »