Sutton Winson Risk Manager is your easy to use business resource to help with health and safety, human resources, business continuity planning and on line health and safety training. It contains all the documentation, guidance and advice you will hopefully ever need but if not it is supported by an 'ask the expert' service to provide specific guidance when you require it.

Health and Safety: Keeps you up to speed on all aspects of Health & Safety, gives 24/7 access to guidance and Ask the Expert providing you with a direct channel to answer your specific questions and address concerns.

Human Resources: Provides round the clock access to information concerning employment matters, avoiding legal jargon. The content is provided in logical groupings supported by Ask the Expert, regular updates and news items

Business Continuity: Encompasses management processes identifying potential threats that impact on a business' ability to provide its services to customers and the actions needed to ensure recovery from disruption.

Training: Access to the administration area to manage eLearning training, ensuring employees are aware of health and safety responsibilities and common hazards in the workplace.

Reports and Records: Please also select "Click Here for Access" below to submit reportable accidents and follow the RIDDOR tab at the top of the page.

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